Our features are an amazing part of mail2. With the lower cost, you're not giving up on a robust platform. In fact, mail2 gives you features you’ve never seen before with a Tessitura integrated email tool.

Robust Reporting

mail2 offers a full reporting package that tracks the effectiveness of your campaigns. Our real-time reporting instantly shows the success rate of your campaign. Review your reports in the application or download into an Excel document, so you can see exactly how your patrons are engaging with your email campaigns. Use this robust feedback to refine your marketing and increase response rates. mail2 takes the guesswork out of determining why or how an  email marketing campaign was successful.


  • Open Rates

    Keep an eye on how many individuals are opening your emails, and even see exactly who opened.

  • Tracking Clicks

    A high click-through rate (CTR) is the best indicator of a successful campaign. mail2 helps you keep track of how each campaign is doing, and gather real time data on which email contacts are clicking through to your messages or offers.

  • Post Click Analytics with Google

    mail2's Google Analytics integration allows you to track conversions from an email campaign inside your Google and mail2 accounts. To activate, simply give mail2 permission to access your Google account, and enable the Google Analytics check-box when creating an email campaign inside mail2. You'll be able to track conversions and revenue from each email campaign on your Google dashboard and inside your mail2 campaign reports.

  • Domain Performance

    Wondering which domain is performing the best? Is it AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or some other domain? The domain performance report will tell you which domains are producing results.

  • Download Reports to Excel

    Eliminate the step of login to mail2 each time you are reviewing the effectiveness of a campaign. Every report in mail2 can easily be downloaded to a CSV file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

  • Compare Campaign Stats

    How is this year's holiday campaign performing to last year? mail2's email message comparison tool empowers you to track historical trends.

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I can attest to the attention to detail we have received from the Lynch2 team in setting up and implementing mail2 as our eNewsletter system. Myself and the rest of the marketing team at the MSO greatly anticipates the integration with Tessitura and we are excited about what Mail2 will do for patron engagement and e-marketing initiatives.

Sally McCarthy
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